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ALEPPO is a farm specialised in the production of organic grapes.
A cultivated area of 44 ha ensures a production of 1,000 t.


ALEPPOís production and sales activities are carried out in accordance with the following standards:
1. food product safety
2. reduced environmental impact
3. compliance with sales plans, ensuring continuous supply of the product


ALEPPO achieves its objectives thanks to the following assets and strengths:

  • a single plot of land surrounded for 90% by bushes and neighbouring organic farms; the remaining 10% is protected with sheets; a business plan has been implemented to assess the risk of external contamination;
  • all cultivated land is sheltered in order to reduce the risk of disease or damage caused by adverse weather conditions;
  • use of groundwater sourced from an artesian well and conveyed by a consortium supervised by public authorities (waters are monitored and intended for agricultural use only);
  • warehouse of 1200 m2, divided up into: a 400 m2 cells area (an "entrance area" provided with double loading ramp, a cold storage room made up of two cells and equipped with a rapid temperature reduction system), a 600 m2 packaging area (with single loading ramp), two manufacturing lines (with air conditioning) with 36 positions, a 75 m2 area for offices and changing rooms, a 120 m2 deposit for agricultural machinery;
  • organic certification and Eurepgap certification issued by Bioagricert S.r.l.;
  • automated irrigation system for water saving;
  • photovoltaic system to reduce environmental impact (- 65000 kg of CO2).